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4G Module with SIM holder

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  • WU-4162

    4G Module with SIM holder


    WU-4162 4G PCI Express Mini Card supports the latest
    4G LTE with seamless fallback to 3G networks.

    It is designed based on Gemalto/Cinterion LTE Cat1 and
    3G HSPA  wireless WAN technologies. Not only  exhibits
    excellent hardware / radio frequency performance, it also
    supports  rich software  for  fast   product  development .
    Following the PCI Express Mini Card standard, it could be
    easily applied in devices with PC architecture.

    It is an  ideal solution  for  the vast  number  of  M2M  and
    industrial  IoT  applications  that  are  not  d ependent  on
    speed  but that  requires the longevity of  LTE  networks ,
    while  still  providing 3G  connectivity to ensure complete
    population and geographic coverage as LTE rolls out.

    In addition to WWAN, features of (a) ultra-sensitive GNSS
    (GPS & GLONASS), (b) SIM card holder, and (c) modem
    control via UART TTL/RS232 are available for increasing
    your product value in just one card.

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