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Fingerprint / Biometric Scanner

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  • GT-511C1R / GT-511C11 (UART)

    Fingerprint / Biometric Scanner


    Door Lock, Safety Box , Luggage Lock , Brief Case, Padlock...etc.

    Remote Controller, Token, Yoy

    POS, Time Attendance System...etc that needs the personal authentication.



    Key features:

    Stand Along-base.

    Optical Area Sensor

    Convenient & Safe & Facilitation - Just one touch and easy to enroll.

    Durable - Resist static electricity and othertough environment.

    Small size is easy to integrate to any portable device.

    Stable - Works well with dry, moist or rough fingerprints.

    High C/P Ratio - Low cost with high performance.

    Finger shift supporting- 360 -degree recognition.

    Low power consumption .

    Storing- 20 different fingerprints



  • GT-511C3 / GT-511C31 (UART)

    Fingerprint / Biometric Scanner

    This device is one chip module with;
    •  fingerprint algorithm
    •  optical sensor
    The major functions are the followings.
    •  High-accuracy and high-speed fingerprint identification technology
    •  Ultra-thin optical sensor
    •  1:1 verification, 1:N identification
    •  downloading fingerprint image from the device
    •  Reading & writing fingerprint template(s) from/to the device
    •  Simple UART & USB communication protocol 

    •  Storing 200 different fingerprints (GT-511C3 / GT-511C31);  For GT-511C5 / GT-511C51 , it can be up to

       2000 different fingerprints. 

    •  360-degree recognition

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